Tobacco mogul Travers Beynon has provided a rare and revealing insight into his hard-partying alter-ego the ‘Candyman’. Travers Beynon is an Australian Business Entrepreneur. He usually pays a woman for being with him. He prefers to live a life with fun and enjoy parties. Though, Travers is an heir of FreeChoice Tobacco business. He is the most hated man on Instagram, let’s check it out about Travers Beynon.

1. Gold Coast Tobacco Tycoon Travers Beynon:

Travers Beynon has suddenly become the sensation in the town. When he rose the competition of being a douche, over a social media account by posting the most sensuous poses along with the seducing girls. There are plenty of persons who are hated on the Instagram, Travers is one among them. He is topping the chart.

2. He’s Like an Australian Hugh Hefner, But Way Sleazier:

Traver’s is a playboy of Gold Coast. His life is all about having fast cars, craziest parties, having fun with females, luxurious living and throwing tremendous parties and his Instagram account is a reflection of all that.

3. He Made a Luck in The Tobacco Industry:

Though Travers is an heir of FreeChoice Tobacco business, he is using his wealth in such a way that if someone would have such wealth then probably they will follow Travers. Travers owns all the wealth without any self-efforts.

4. Travers The Most Hated Man On The Instagram Is A Spendthrift:

The sober atmosphere of riverfront mansion in River Cove Place at Helensvale hosts grand parties with ‘Candy Shop goddesses’. Some of Travers posts on Instagram show the ladies are receiving return gift.

5. He Usually Appears With A Group Of Gorgeous Ladies With Him:

Nowadays, it has become a very common thing that people usually use social media to express their thoughts and feelings to the public about any norm of the society. There are always two sides of the picture, one is attracting one for a noble cause and on the other hand, people get the response for showing off the possessions.

6.His Hard-Partying, Decadent Lifestyle Is a Big Part of His Brand:

Travers newest business venture, the Candy Shop Mansion is for getting around the tobacco advertising rules in order to promote the sales of it. Two decades ago, he had a vision to uplift Candyshop Mansion and now he made it true.

7.Then He Swanks About It on Instagram:

Travers started attracting the audience, by incepting with an Instagram account and he named his account candy shop mansion.

8. If you want to know what does really “Candy Shop Mansion” means in Travers life then check it out his Instagram Page:

For any common man, it would be the dream of having such fun and fantasies to have a life like Beynon is experiencing. Often Beynon is seen with pretty girls. He is being hated by many people for having such luxurious life.

9. Travers Beynon Is Having A Dream Life.

Travers doesn’t only sleep with such beautiful ladies, he also throws big parties with them at his million dollar mansion.

10. We’ve Never Partied with The Dude, But We Expect It To Be Like A Film

As you have read that Travers is a spendthrift, he is ruining his life. He is swanking to the world of his possession. When a man shows off he is going to be buried in a matter of time.

11. That’s the Only Movie That Ever Made Us Throw Up! You Should Watch It:

Since the ‘candyshopmansion’ is on air and started promotion for it via Instagram, Travers keeps up the tradition of posting different pictures with hot ladies.

Source: Lifehacks