Getting older isn’t always fun. It can be rough, especially if you have health problems. However, if you chose the right person to grow old with, it will help you enjoy your older years. A happy marriage can provide you with more than just a lifetime companionship. Having the right partner could even provide you with health benefits along the way. According to recent studies, a smart woman is ideal for a man’s health in his golden years.

Alzheimer’s and dementia is unfortunately common in old age. It is diagnosed in many people every year. It is hard not only on the person, but their loved ones as well. However, it has the chance of being prevented.

According to Professor Lawrence Whalley, a professor at the University of Aberdeen, there is no better way to try to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia than intelligence provided by a spouse. In his 2016 talk, “Dementia: How Can We Protect Ourselves?”, he named different activities that can help ward off dementia such as puzzles and museums. What surprised everyone though was when he stated for men to ward off dementia, they should marry a smart woman.

A happy relationship is ideal, so don’t go marrying someone just for their intelligence! You still want to be compatible with someone before you marry them. However, don’t judge someone by just their appearance. This is a mistake many people make in their younger years. This is not the best way to make snap judgments. Intelligence is an excellent trait to look for in a partner.

There are a few other factors that can go into warding off Alzheimer’s and dementia. Intelligence is not the only factor. A few other things that factor in include the following:

  • Financial stability
  • Your mother’s diet during pregnancy
  • Your father’s job status when you were a child
  • Frequent intellectual stimulation
  • Learning new languages

The more things on the list that you have, the better chance you will have at healthy mental health in the future. It is especially important that you have regular intellectual stimulation. This isn’t just doing puzzles or reading a book. You want to mix it up and challenge yourself. Go travel to someone you have never been. Learn a new skill. Do something challenging for you that you never thought you could do.

Having an intelligent partner throughout your life makes intellectual stimulation easier to come across. It also makes it easier to enjoy. Your spouse will push you to try new things. They will make it fun to go to a book club or visit a museum because they will want this intellectual stimulation just as much as you need it.

Having a smart partner won’t guarantee you won’t get dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It is still possible. There are many factors that go into play, some of which you can’t help. If it runs in your family, you want to be especially sure you are getting intellectual stimulation. You will want to really push yourself. Having a smart spouse can really help your mental health, especially later in life. They will keep you excited about learning and improving your mental health.

Do you have an intelligent wife? Take the time to appreciate her and thank her for your

Source : Healthybeautiful