People think that men usually prefer tall, thin women but according to new research, it is so not true. It reveals that men prefer chubby women now and the men who actually marry chubby women are much happier and longer. As the media was focused on skinny tall girls being attractive, now it has been promoting more chubby, plus size models because of which women who feel that they are unattractive have now gained confidence. Even the men have changed their preferences.

Interesting Facts

The DailyTimes studied about men and their relationship with chubby women. What they found is that the men who marry women who are chubby smile often than the men who marry thin women. And when it comes to men dealing with issues, those who marry chubby women are good with it while the men who commit to women who are thin have a hard time dealing with issues.

The study suggests…

The research that they conducted also revealed that women who are thin are more unfriendly, unlike the chubby women. Skinny girls are also less expressive on emotions. That is where you get the stereotypical Skinny Girls! Chubby women make their partners happier. And the happier you increase your lifespan. That is what the study suggests.

Chubby women are more attractive

The study conducted by the ABC News included 40 male volunteers who didn’t undergo stress task and the ones who were stressed rated chubby women to be more attractive.


Stress impacts the perception and so stress shifts the classic stereotype and it may be vice versa and men considering thinner women to be more attractive if they are with chubby women. The more stressed we are the more our perception towards things change.

Why is it so?

There is also a study which concludes that the thin girls are more prone to get their periods and won’t be able to hold on pregnancy till full term, unlike the chubby women.

Tovee’s explanation

As Tovee explained to ABC News, “If you live in an environment where food is scarce, being heavier means that you have fat stored up as a buffer and that you must be a higher social status to afford the food in the first place. Both of these are attractive qualities in a partner in those circumstances.”

Stressed and unstressed

The study also concluded that men who were stresses gave a higher rating to a wide range of types of women than the unstressed men. ABC News explains, “This may have implications about how we choose the people to date and marry. For example, do men in high-stress jobs look for overweight mates, or are their standards lower?”

Scott M. Bea explained…

A clinical psychologist, Scott M. Bea explained the whole thing, he said, “In this case, mate selection criteria may become more liberal as a way of preserving the species. We have some proverbs that reflect this idea such as, ‘Any port in a storm.’ This is probably not just true of physical attractiveness or mate selection. For instance, if one is homeless, we might accept lodging that others would view as inferior.”

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