As soon as news of the devastating typhoon Yolanda reached other countries, countless donations poured for the Philippines. Some of these were used as relief goods and assistance to affected people. However, not all donated items reached the victims. Recently, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) set the donations aflame after these were declared abandoned in Mandaue City in Cebu.

The Cebu Customs torched all the contents of four container vans full of donated items from other countries. Most of the boxes contained used clothing, medical supplies, kitchenware, imported goods, and more. These goods came from countries like the United States, Norway, and Belgium.

Earlier this year, BOC declared the container vans as abandoned. Still, all of these stayed in the BOC warehouse until this month. On October 3, Customs conducted an inspection which led to the disposal of the donations.

These should have been distributed in 2014. However, the donors and consignees reportedly failed to pay the required taxes and duties. Furthermore, the Department of Finance did not grant a payment exemption to the donated goods.

Since these goods arrived four years ago, many of these already expired. The other items would be rejected by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Customs had no choice but to set these donations into ablaze instead.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their disappointment with what happened to these goods. This news already reached to the foreigner donors who expressed their dismay with their wasted donation.

People online made sure to voice out their sentiments.

SOURCE: Buzzooks.