Minor who went viral on Facebook for his arrogant post of mocking police now apprehended

There has been a campaign promoted by GMA network that says “Think before you click”. This campaign reminds people in the internet, to be responsible in posting or spreading information. One post made recently caught the public’s attention. A teenager identified as, Christian Zueqsav, recently posted several provoking photos on Facebook. Along with this, he claimed that he is immune from the law because of his age.

Christian uploaded alarming photos of him cussing the police in public. He even posted photos of him holding what we assume to be an illegal firearm, illegal substance, and money and phones he allegedly stole. As if these weren’t enough, he even acknowledged the post of a girl who found out that he was the person who took her phone and wallet.

He insisted that it is okay even if his crimes are exposed, because he is still a minor. He caption his post by saying, “Sorry mga fans minor ako hindi ako makukulong. Hahahahahaha!” Netizens quickly criticized his post saying how absurd the young man can be. Some even said that he cannot escape his crimes and he will soon be apprehended.

Christian believed he was invincible because of the Juvenile Offenders Act by Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. Juvenile Offenders Act or R.A. 9344 states that a child below 15 years old at the time of the he made an illegal activity shall be exempt from criminal liability. This is usually used by syndicate as an excuse for the felonious activities they participate in.

Recently, photos of Christian as he cries with handcuffs circulated the internet. His recent photo showed the complete opposite of his arrogant self. It seems like the law finally caught up on the young man. Unsurprisingly, many netizens were delighted to lean about his fate thinking that he deserves everything he got for himself.

Source : Pilipinonews