• Small dog was filmed struggling while being pulled on a leash in Yunnan, China
  • Witness who filmed the clip says the dog was bleeding as it was being dragged
  • Video has gone viral and sparked criticism and anger among Chinese net users
  • Man’s daughter apologised and said he ‘didn’t know how to take care of dogs’

A shocking case of animal cruelty has sparked outrage in China after a man was filmed dragging a husky on the back of his scooter along a road.

The small pooch was seen struggling and whimpering while being pulled by a leash in Pu’er city, Yunnan province last Thursday. The man seemed oblivious to his brutal actions.

The witness who filmed the video said the dog had been bleeding and believed that it had been dragged on its belly for a long period of time.

The man told video news site Pear that he spotted the injured dog while he was waiting for a red light.

‘The lower part of its body was bleeding,’ he said. ‘It is possible that the dog was dragged for a long time.’

Horrifying images of the pet husky at a vet shows the skin on its belly peeled off.

The video of the incident has sparked outrage among net users, many of whom are animal lovers.

‘Such inhumane actions! Such a poor dog,’ one person commented on Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

‘If you don’t want your pet anymore, just put it up for adoption. Don’t abuse it like this,’ another person said.

‘How can there be such a cruel person in the world?’ one user said.

The man’s daughter has issued an apology after the video went viral on Chinese social media.

‘The dog was put under my family’s care as I had to work that day,’ the woman said. ‘Unfortunately the elderly members of my family did not know how to take care of it properly.’

‘I am sorry. I didn’t take good care of my dog. I love it very much and I promise to take good care of it in the future,’ she said, adding that she had immediately taken her pet to a vet.

‘If owners don’t have time for their pets, we’d rather they not bring them home,’ PETA Asia media officer Keith Guo told MailOnline.

‘Even if you place the pet under the care of other people, tragedies like this may still occur. The poor dog was mistreated because its owner did not have time to take care of it,’ he said.

‘The dog’s paws and stomach were bleeding – there is no excuse to justify or defend such brutal actions. I hope the owner can spend more time with her pet and help her father realise it’s not right to treat animals in an abusive manner,’ he added.

While China has legislation safeguarding land-based and aquatic wildlife, it currently lacks legislation protecting animal welfare or preventing cruelty to animals.

In September 2009, animal rights activists and legal experts began circulating a draft Law on the Protection of Animals and in 2010, a draft Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for the State Council’s consideration, according to Human Rights in China, a Chinese non-governmental organisation based in New York.

The draft proposes a fine of up to 6,000 yuan (£693) and two weeks’ detention for those found guilty of animal cruelty, according to China Daily. However till this day, no progress has been made.

While the country’s first ever legislation protecting animal welfare has yet to be adopted, the increasing cases of animal abandonment and serious cruelty towards animals such as killing of dogs and burning of cats have led to serious resentment within society.

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Source: Dailymail