When it comes to competitions and games, we Filipinos have always been competitive. From our costumes and themes, we do our best to make everything almost perfect and extra. All of us has that hunger for success, that’s why, even though it calls for us to make fun of ourselves, we still do it for the sake of winning. Just like how a group of marine students from Our Lady of Fatima University Valenzuela performed in order to win the title.

Their performance for the annual Maritime Dance Contest in their school has been uploaded on Facebook and has immediately gained attention from netizens. Carlo Jay Ramos uploaded their video and has paired it with a humorous caption: “Kabahan na kayo pag marine ang sasayaw.”

In the uploaded video, their group decided to imitate Korea’s well-known group, Momoland. These men wore tubes and super short shorts while they danced to the group’s hit single, “BBoom BBoom.” With their well-built physiques, they have effortlessly swayed their bodies to the beat of the music.

Upon seeing their hilarious costumes and performance, the crowd immediately went wild. Screams and cheers can be heard all throughout their performance. Some of them were totally not expecting this kind of performance from these marine students. Eventually, their hard work paid off after they have successfully won the competition and was hailed as the Maritime Dance Contest 2018 champion.

Like their schoolmates, netizens were also entertained by their hilarious performance. Some of them praised the group for being sport despite their humiliating performance, while some congratulated them for their success. Other netizens also tagged their friends to recreate their choreography for their own competitions. There’s no doubt that these marine students have surely brightened up our day and have successfully made us smile through their unexpected performance.

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Source: Showbizread