– The mother of the suspect in the mυɾɖεɾ of Christine Silawan has spoken up

– She revealed that her son and Christine were only a couple for a week

– The suspect’s mom also claimed that her son did not leave their house when the murder supposedly happened

The mother of the 17-year-old boy who was arrested as a suspect to the ƙıɭɭing of 16-year-old Christine Silawan has broken her silence about her son’s predicament.

We learned the mother denied the allegation that his son ƙıɭɭed his ex-girlfriend, Christine.

According to an interview of the mother on SunStar Superbalita Cebu (authored by Alan Tangcawan), the authorities hastily arrested her son because of the P2-million reward to be given to those who will capture the ƙıɭɭer.

She stated that the CCTV footage does not prove that her son ƙıɭɭed Christine since the footage did not show his face.

The mother also claimed that her son played basketball, helped fix their house’s roof, ate dinner and then slept during the time that Christine was mυɾɖεɾed.

The suspect’s mom added that her son and the victim were only together as a couple for one week.

As reported earlier by KAMI, the NBI claimed that the 17-year-old boy arrested as a suspect to the ƙıɭɭing of Christine has already confessed to the crime.

Christine Silawan was found dead in Cebu with her face skinned off. Authorities are still investigating the exact details of the crime and are believed to be close to finally solving it.

Source: Kami