Former ɑɖυlt star Mia Khalifa has finally set her mind to get married to her long term boyfriend from Sweden. The girl whose video was the biggest hit on the ɑɖυlt website and people used to watch her on an incognito site that now after a very long time she is moving forward in life by saying yes, breaking millions of hearts.

The Infamous Star

She is an ultimate desire who gained popularity with her infamous stint in the Aɖυlt Industry. Seems like her fans are never going to accept the fact that this infamous star recently got engaged, and broke millions of hearts. Her longtime boyfriend chose a special way to propose her.

Aɖυlt Industry

Being in an ɑɖυlt industry people judge you like you don’t belong in this society, they think of you as a mole who should be removed instantly.

But they don’t know what kind of struggle you have been through and why you have chosen this industry to gain stardom. Mia Khalifa had already gained success thanks to her videos that made her a known face all around the world.

And after quitting that industry she became a sports commentator to live a normal peaceful life and now after a very long time, she chose to settle down with her boyfriend Robert Sandberg.

Hidden Ring

Robert Sandberg, from Sweden, known as a chef by profession, had a long time relationship with Mia Khalifa. Their relationship was already in the long run when he suddenly chose to settle down with the former adult star. Reportedly, Mia and Robert went to a restaurant in Chicago, where according to Robert’s plan the waiter served them with a new ingredient which was covered with dried items, turns out that they had put a hidden ring inside the food. Mia was spellbound after seeing the hidden ring inside the food that she said yes and got engaged.


The couple confirmed the news on social media, by thanking her millions of fans who congratulated her. The fans of the star is pretty heart broken too after hearing the news but we are sure they will overcome this news.

Source: Bloggersarena