A few days ago, Mystica has gone viral after she recently sought from the veteran broadcaster, Raffy Tulfo. On her case, the 90’s star wanted to go against Niño Barzaga and Drew Olivar for throwing criticisms at her online. During this episode, the actress and the management of the show had an unfortunate misunderstanding. This is when Raffy decided to give an official statement that his show will no longer help the “Split Queen.”

Because of this, Mystica has once again used her social media to give her sentiments. Her Facebook video immediately went viral, as she tried to point out how the broadcaster wrecked her career.

According to her, Raffy has helped destroyed her career. Instead of receiving help, she ended up losing her career entirely, leaving her with no money in hand. On her video, she also showed how she struggles to find food every day and how this issue has affected her life.

“Dahil wala na akong trabaho at wala narin akong career sa showbiz kasi sinira ni Raffy Tulfo… Puro tutong nalang ang pagkain ko.”

“Tinanggalan na ‘ko ng career, ng profession, tinanggalan pa ko ng pagkain. Dati toyo ang ulam ko, ngayon tutong nalang.”

Mystica also shared that her criticizers online have doubled up after their issue was broadcasted. She said that she has received a huge blow on her social media, as many people criticized her actions and demands. Because of this, Mystica ended up expressing her disappointment and grudges online.

“Sa sobrang dami ng galit sa’kin ngayon, yan ang masasabi na you cannot please everybody. Pag masasarap yung pagkain ko galit sila, pag tutong naman ang pagkain ko galit padin sila. You cannot please everybody.”

Like her first videos, this recent clip has immediately earned hundreds of sentiments online. As of writing, it has already gained 5,000 views online.

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Source: Pinasfact