– Celebrity couple Jon Gutierrez and Jolai Andres’s marriage is said to be on the rocks

– Jolai’s social media posts seemed to give hints on her current situation

– Rapper and songwriter Makagago’s revelations in a video even added up to the brewing rumors

Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez tied the knot just a few months ago but their marriage seemed to be on the rocks as rumors about Jon’s infidelity are making rounds online.

Many of the netizens noticed Jelai’s social media posts which seemed to convey messages about cheating. This made the netizens start to think that the couple is going through something.

Rapper and songwriter Makagago revealed Jon’s alleged affair with different women which according to him were supported with evidences.

He first named Toni Fowler who allegedly met up with Jon just this February. The same woman was the third party when Jon and Jelai broke up in 2016.

Makagago shared other women who allegedly revealed their experiences with Jon.

Netizens also took to social media to condemn the alleged cheating.

Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez are also known as #TeamJolai to their fans. The couple were internet celebrities before being TV personalities. Jelai was known as one of the hottest FHM cover girls and Jon is a member of Ex-Battalion.

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Source: Kami