In the present day, there are a lot of modes in which people who are looking for love meet and talk to each other. The different social media platforms that we have today are really good ways in which people can get to know one another better.

Just by looking at someone’s Facebook profile, you can already get so much about the person, especially if they are someone who is active on social media.

Even though we have a lot more different modes of communication, there are still some of us who choose the old-fashioned way of communicating. Some people still go for the more personal and even romantic way of communicating—through sending handwritten letters.

People who usually write these handwritten letters are long distance relationships for this could only be their way of communicating.

In long distance relationships, the couple try their best to maintain their communication to ease the longing for one another. Waiting to see the love of your life could be hard, but it would be worth it once the two of you decide to meet already.

This long distance relationship and handwritten letters are experiences that a 27-year-old soldier can relate to.

Lieutenant David Ramirez is one of the youngest soldiers in his camp. It was a dream come true for him to be a soldier. This young man is a brave soldier who has been wishing to see the love of his life, Kylie, and this is how their love story goes.

While he was at camp, Kylie accidentally sent David a letter without knowing that she sent it to the wrong address. Since then, the two started exchanging letters and David fell in love with Kylie through their letters for each other. One day, the two finally decided to meet.

The two chose Luneta Park as their meeting place. Kylie told in her letter before their meet-up that she was wearing a floral dress. David arrived in Luneta on their meet-up date. He did not waste his time and immediately started looking for a woman who was wearing a floral dress, just like what Kylie told him.

After a while, he saw a woman who matched the description that Kylie said.

“Excuse me? Kylie?” David said as he approached the woman.

When the woman faced him, he was shocked to see that she was an old woman who was about 40 years old. The old woman said, “Thank you for coming, David. Do you want to eat?”

The two went out and ate at a restaurant nearby. David asked Kylie how she is and complimented how beautiful she is.

David was very polite during the whole meeting and asked Kylie, “Are you okay, Kylie? Do you have anything to tell me? Just tell me if you want to eat anything else.”

David’s statement made the old woman laugh and told David, “You are a good man, David. I am not Kylie. I am her mother. We just tested you. Kylie is now on her way.”

David was surprised and suddenly felt nervous about meeting the real Kylie. After a while, a beautiful young woman arrived in the restaurant and went to their table. The beautiful woman said, “Hi, David. It’s me, Kyie.” David just smiled and greeted the real Kylie.

With David’s good heart and non-judgmental disposition, he was blessed. The young couple eventually got married and are now happily living together. The two of them just laugh whenever they remember the day they met each other.

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