– A lady shared her transformation pictures on social media

– This went viral in just a few hours since it was uploaded with some netizens asking for her weight loss story

– Her story inspired netizens not only to take care of their body but also to give importance to themselves

A Facebook user shared her pictures showing her incredible transformation from being chubby to a slimmer and fit body.

The post gained numerous shares, reactions and comments from the netizens. Some even asked for her weight loss journey.

According to the Facebook user named Aria Estrella, she was able to achieve her current weight from 73 kilos.

Her weight gain started when she turned 19 which is common among the women i their family. Aria revealed that most of the women in their family gain weight upon reaching 18 years old.

Having a boyfriend also contributed to her weight gain because of their dinner dates. She was eventually left heart broken by the guy. This made her resort to unhealthy eating habit. Aria also lost interest in dressing up and cared less about how she looked.

The turning point was when she heard two girls on the train poking fun of her and called her names because of her weight.

After enrolling in the gym, Aria decided to just work out at home through work out videos and shared her diet plan.


* without gym and slimming pills

*2 glass of water every 2 hours.

*atleast 2000 calories lang in a day or less plus exercise

✅ BREAKFAST : alternate to buong week, monday is 2 boiled eggs and 2 tomatoes chop mo sya, super busog ka na sa eggs and kikinis ka pa sa kamatis, tuesday breakfast naman, Kings breakfast ako, don yung Kakainin ako kahit anong klaseng ulam, at kahit ano pa,atleast 2 cups ng rice lang, then Wednesday balik sa una, at alternate lang talaga. Rice is every other day.

✅ LUNCH : Banana and sky flakes plus water or minsan tuna sandwich pag sinipag mag baon. Either sa dalawang yan.

✅ MERYENDA : applicable pag sat-sun lang, donut or milk tea or mcdo fries, either.

✅ DINNER : alternate pa din, monday Wala tuesday meron so kahit ano make sure it’s veggies papak ng dahon hehe or try mo repolyo with mayo para balance. basta walang rice.


✅ 30 mins jog at least 2 times a week, kahit sat-sun lang kung busy ka every weekdays

✅ every morning bago mag breakfast, 20 squats, 30 jumping jacks and 20 sit ups. Gawin mo yan para mag flat tyan mo girl! ❤️

✅ at least 2 times week manuod sa youtube ng 30 mins workout.


❌ FAST FOOD dapat 2 times sa isang buwan.



❌ CAKES and CHOCOLATES Isang beses lang sana sa isang linggo.


She also admitted having stretchmarks. Aria also clarified that her diet plan may work or may not because of people’s different body types.

Ang maadvice ko po sa inyo is Love Yourself first. Surround yourself with positive people na tanggap kayo ano man ang size ng katawan nyo. Mga taong mahal kayo despite ng lahat ng pinagdadaanan nyo. Mga totoong tao na hindi kayo ijujudge sa mga decision at actions nyo sa buhay. Wala pong higit na mas magmahahal sayo kundi sarili mo. Besides ky God and Family ofcourse.

The post gained 1.1K reactions, 644 comments and 796 shares as of this writing.

Source: Kami