Manny Pacquiao cradles youngest son Israel to sleep

Manny Pacquiao. Either he’s glorified in the ring or lauded in the Senate. But, at home, the internationally acclaimed athlete is looked up to by his children – Emmanuel, Michael, Mary, Queen, and Israel – as the best dad in the world.

Even though it doesn’t always show, Manny can be gentle and sweet when it comes to his family, especially his youngest son. Recently, a clip of the Boxing Champ cradling Israel to sleep made rounds on the Internet. It was of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen, and that says a lot for a boxing beast like Pacquiao.

The 4-year-old was born in 2014, just two weeks after Pacquiao fought with Timothy Bradly Jr. for the World Boxing organization Welterweight championsip. His name was inspired by the Middle East country, which he and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao have grown fond of.

“Israel is born to God be all the Glory Hallelujah! As Pacquiao’s family we will serve the Lord,” says Pacquiao, now a devout Christian, on the coming of his baby Israel four years ago.

Aside from being his bunso, Israel is known to fans as his daddy Manny’s “mini me”.

Watch the video below:

Source : Manilaflash