Parents will tell you that there’s no greater pain that losing a child. The natural order of things dictate that children will always be the one to bury their parents. Therefore, when something unfortunate happens that threatens to steal away the life of their offspring, these adults do everything in their power to change it. Take for example, a brave father who never stopped his efforts in rescuing his young son.

a viral video posted online, we see a young child drenched in water. FeedyTV, the source where we got this story, said that the kid fell into a pool wherein he struggled to get air into his lungs.

The boy was then found by his relatives a few moments later. However, there seemed to be no signs of life coming out of him. The source claimed that the child’s heart even stopped beating. For ordinary people, this would’ve meant that all actions to save his life should stop.

You can hear the worried and grieving relatives surround this child. But for the brave father, this was not the day that he would say goodbye to his son. As you can see in the clip, he didn’t stop performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

A few minutes has passed and even if the child didn’t respond yet, the relentless father didn’t stop pressing. Fortunately, all of his hard work paid off when you could see facial expressions coming out of the kid’s face.

After a few moments, the child was able to let out a cry and the father immediately scooped him up and placed him over his shoulders. We think that this was a way to get rid of any of the water still inside him. There can be no arguments that everyone who watched the video all breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the child safe.

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