We can all agree that falling in love might be one of the best feelings in the world. All of us definitely dreams of spending our lifetime with the people we love the most. But for Whinslet Cainoy, this kind of dream became impossible, after her beloved boyfriend suddenly passed. Her heartbreaking story immediately caught the attention of netizens.

Both of them were Marine Engineering students and were only a few steps away from achieving their goals together Unfortunately, Carl Kenneth Catapangan took his last breath on November 1. His unexpected passing definitely broke the heart not only of her girlfriend but also thousands of netizens.

On her Facebook, Whinslet wrote her lengthy goodbye message to her boyfriend. She narrated how they first met and how romance bloomed between them. He was her first boyfriend and both of them thought that they would eventually end up together. Unfortunately, at such a young age, Carl suffered from a heart illness.

Upon hearing the heart-wrenching news, she can’t help but be emotional. At first, she didn’t believe it until she saw his boyfriend, lying peacefully inside his coffin. Although she still can’t accept the fact, Whinslet expressed how deeply in love she was with him and that she’ll always miss him. In fact, she even uploaded a compilation video of their wonderful relationship.

Like her, many netizens were also heartbroken upon learning their tragic story. Many people gave their comforting and encouraging words for Whinslet.

There’s no doubt that all of us mourn with her. There’s nothing more painful than losing someone you love so dearly, especially if you’ve already planned your whole life with them.

Source: Tnpmedia.