Maria Teresa Victoriano went to the program of Raffy Tulfo in the hopes that she would finally see her child who she never met since he was born.

Based on Maria Teresa’s story, she gave birth to her child in the year 1993 through a caesarian section. She was fetched by two women namely Caring and Myla while she was at the Medical Center in Pasig. The two are relatives of Maria Teresa’s landlady.

They rode a taxi on their way home. As soon as they reached Mandaluyong, Maria Teresa descended the taxi to where her house was, but she was surprised to see that two women did not come out of the taxi and just drove away. According to Maria Teresa, they went straight to San Juan. They took Maria Teresa’s child with them. She said she did not know what to do that time.

When Myla came back in Mandaluyong after a few days, Maria Teresa talked to her and ask why they had to take her child away. Myla said that she had to pay them PHP2,000 first before she could get her child back. Maria Teresa became disoriented at that time because she did not know where to get the money.

Tulfo asked her if the two women paid for her hospital bills, to which Maria Teresa responded no.

Tulfo called Caring Basilenes, one of the two women who took Maria Teresa’s child. She said that they did pay for the hospital bills because she could not be dismissed until her bills were settled. They also took care of the child for a while because Teresa’s house was not too spacious.

Caring said that they would have given the child back to Maria Teresa if she had the initiative to take her child back.

After hearing the other side of the story, Tulfo told Teresa that he would not help her if she continued lying.

Caring said that it was not true that they were asking for money in exchange for the child. She said that Maria Teresa is just a fishball vendor at that time. Teresa ended up leaving their place but she did not take her child with her.

Caring said that they are willing to introduce Maria Teresa to her son who is now 25 years old.

Tulfo made Maria Teresa realize that there is a possibility that her son would not accept her warmly after all these years.

The next day, the program staff accompanied Maria Teresa to a salon and a mall to prepare herself for her and her son’s meeting.

Watch what happened during the mother and son reunion.

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