Are you looking for Coco Martin?

If he is home and does not have a taping for his series FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano, you will most likely find him at his new “favorite place.”

“My Favorite Place”

A portion of his vast resort-like home in Quezon City has enough space for a garden.

It’s like having a “Bahay Kubo,” where vegetables grow aplenty.

“Magtanim po tayo para makatulong sa kalikasan”

There’s talong, okra, sitaw, pipino, and ampalaya.

There’s sili, pechay, mustasa, labanos, carrots, sibuyas, and lettuce as well.


With his garden, he won’t have to buy veggies from palengke or supermarket.

Besides, he gets to give back to Mother Nature.

On Instagram, he wrote, “Magtanim po tayo para makatulong sa kalikasan.”

He was born in Novaliches, grew up in Manila, but he’s a probinsiyano at heart.

His caption for this photo: “Napakasarap mabuhay ng simple.”

Source: ourdailytrends.