We have know modern women to be forces of nature. Though they have been that since the dawn of humanity, we have only just begun recognizing their impact on our lives. There is no doubt in the fact that women have been biologically more advanced than the men, but there is more to them that makes them higher beings.

Women Are Better At Being Adults

Young women are better at being adults than the male counterparts. A financial website, Earnest’s survey of a 1000 young adults had revealed that women were better at financial management, faster at paying back their student loans, management of taxes, etc ‘adult’ responsibilities.

Women Are Better At Coping With Pressure

Women can perform better even when they are facing a lot of pressure. Studies have shown that when facing competitive pressure, men tend to buckle under pressure when they make mistakes, while women could vary in responses.

Women Have More Active Brains

In one of the studies conducted at Amen Clinics, California, which compared over 46,000 brain scans from nine clinics and analyzed the differences between male and female brains, found that women’s brains were significantly more active in many more areas than men’s, especially in the prefrontal cortex which is involved in focus and impulse control.

Women Are Better At Survival

A study by Carnegie Mellon University revealed that women are more likely to survive during car accidents. Moreover, men are 77% more likely to die in car accidents.

What Does The Science Say About Their Generosity?

Despite these facts, we are no strangers to the female forces who, have taken care of us, been there for us and shaped our lives in more ways than we can count. We have seen the females trying to take care of their family, friends and in some cases even the far-off relatives. You would have probably seen them helping strangers without asking anything in return too. And much lesser would be such instances where men have partaken in an act of kindness.

A new study from the University of Zurich explains the reason behind this difference based on neurology. The authors of the study state that men’s brains tend to reward selfish behaviors more and women’ brains reward generosity. This distinction was derived from a series of behavioral experiments.

The neuroscientists explored and examined the areas of the brain that get activated when one is indulging in unselfish behavior and when they are choosing to be selfish. For this study, the experiments present a scenario where the participants had to decide whether or not to share money.

Whenever we think we are choosing the ‘correct’ behavior, our brain rewards us by releasing dopamine. Try remembering the last time you helped someone just like that, you’d have felt something different. This is when our brain’s reward center – called the stratium- releases dopamine.

Out of the 56 men and woman who participated in the experiment, the brain’s reward center was observed to be responding much more strongly in women, when they made the decision of being generous and helpful to others. While the same reward center’s response paled in comparison when men did the same.

However, when men indulged in selfish behavior, the same reward center in the brain showed more activation and dopamine release compared to women.

Source : lessonslearnedinlife