The cute dance performance of the kids in Amazing China has left both the jury and the audience excited from start to finish.

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Combining music and dance moves, the children’s talent show has conquered millions of viewers.

In the video, 20 babies from the No 1 Kindergarten School in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province appeared in beautiful red costumes, two hands held basketball and performed rhythmic movements . The ball rolling, ball leading, beating the ball, changing the ranks, double ball … on the hip-hop music make hundreds of spectators present in the auditorium uttered: “It’s so amazing!”

Movie Star Fan Bing Bing is very excited to witness the talent of these lovely kindergarten children. She was expressed amazement and delighted by the quick and extremely responsive response of the candidates. This is one of the few performance that received the absolute approval of the jury to enter the final round at Amazing China.

Twenty six-year-old kids are so professional in basketball suit.
These kids play extremely skillfully

Source: Thuy Dung/ Feedy