We just discovered a beautiful medical practitioner that caught attention from the netizens.

Meet Nayika Thongom, who originally lives in Surin, Thailand. You may think that she’s only a professional model because of her toned physique and stunning photos circulating online but she’s more than that.

According to Nayika’s official Facebook account, she pursued her medical career and took up Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China.

She just proved that she not only has beauty and the brains. She also the skills needed to become a professional doctor someday. Nayika is truly striking because of her beautiful eyes that captured a lot of netizen’s hearts, men and women alike.

Also, a lot of netizens commented how beautiful she is and that they didn’t think of her as a medical practitioner at first. Some even thought that she’s a model who wears laboratory gowns.

Still, they are also in awe of her courage to finish her dream to become a doctor.

Still, she hasn’t forgotten to do her passion for modeling and there are also a lot of photos circulating online of her photoshoots. Atta girl!

Source: Manilaflash.