People tend to find their perfect match. We hope to have the love of our life just like many others. Especially for those who are alone and lonely working far from home, mentioning the OFWs.

For some OFW, social media is a big help for them in order to fight homesick and loneliness. They are looking for friends or chatmates. Most of them are lucky enough to find a serious one. They’ve talked much and sends pictures to prove how they value each other.

Hence, Facebook always reminds us not to give all your trust to anybody, especially if we don’t know them personally. Aside from this, we heard a lot of sad story of deception. Just like what happened to this OFW young man who has been said fell in love with a beautiful lady he met through Facebook.

A seafarer named Frederick Egea, 23 learned the hard way that love can result in so much loss when it does not work out.

According to Rappler, Seaman Frederick Egea met Joana Mae Cruz on Facebook in June 2017 and immediately fell in love with the woman. During the course of their relationship, Egea has sent up to Php600,000 to Cruz who said she needed the money for her tuition fee and other personal needs.

When Egea returned to the country on September 5 this year, Cruz had a long list of excuses when the seaman requested for them to meet. Later on, Cruz confessed that the photo she was using was that of 20-year old Angelica Calanog and identified her real identity as 21-year-old Angelica Miguel.

When asked by Angelica Calanog’s mother where the gifts came from, Miguel said she has a “cousin abroad working as a seaman attracted to her daughter.”

All this happened while Calanog was clueless that a Facebook profile constructed with her photos was used to extort money from an OFW.

Following the admission, Miguel demanded Php26,000 from Egea or “something bad will happen” to Calanog, the real person the OFW fell in love with.

Egea agreed under the condition that he will personally hand the money to Miguel. Once the OFW handed the money to Miguel, she was arrested by undercover cops who accompanied Egea. Six others who allegedly served as Miguel’s accomplices were also arrested.

From June 2017 to September 2018, Egea was sending money to his fraud paramour hoping to meet her once he came home. When he finally docked in the Philippines, however, he only faced extortion.

On Monday, October 1, police from the Anti-Cybercrime group told reporters of Egea’s love story turned costly tragedy.

Miguel will be charged with robbery, swindling/estafa, and identity theft.