Our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) hardships while working abroad has always been an open book for us here back home.

Culture shock, language barrier, and homesicknesses are just some of the many challenges they have to endure just to work and be able to provide for their family.

Most of them also experience harassment and maltreatment at the hands of their abusive foreign employer.

Just like this Jordan-based domestic helper who seeks the help of her fellow OFW by dropping a rescue letter right through her room window.

According to Facebook user Shella Gardose Gedoria, she spotted her kababayan peaking right through the window as if trying to seek some help. The Pinay domestic helper is identified as Joan Polancos Guillen, a Panabo Davao native who is currently working at Amman, Jordan.

Apparently, Joan is in a distress situation as her male employer repeatedly attempted to molest her. According to Shella, Joan said that her bedroom only has a plastic sliding door so her employer could easily enter, to avoid his uninvited intrusion, Joan would often block the doorway using her cabinet.

But out of fear of being raped by her male employer, Joan would also often sleep inside the cabinet while carrying a knife in order to defend herself in case the perverted employer attacks.

It turns out that Joan is not allowed to use a mobile phone so she could not contact any of her relatives or employment agency for help.

She then wrote a letter and dropped it at Shella’s room, Joan’s letter contains her plead for her immediate rescue as she fears her employer might molest her anytime soon.

“Gusto ako galawin ng amo ko, parati niya ako tinatawag kada alas tres ng madaling araw, parati niya tinutulak ang pinto ng kwarto ko, pero may hinaharang ako,” Joan wrote.

“Please lang gusto ko na umuwi takot na ako dito,” she added.

Joan also included her relatives’ contact details who could complain about her employer on her behalf.

Shella decided to share Joan’s story in the hopes to reach proper authorities that could immediately rescue her from such distresses situation.

Read her full post below:

Source: Pinascitizen.net