Everyone dreams of having someone who will stay by their side until the end. Just thinking of the idea of being with someone we truly love and who we get to spend our whole life with can definitely make our hearts flutter. This elderly couple is the perfect example of this eternal love. They chose to fight for their love and remain faithful to each other until the very end. Even though they have faced a lot of problems in their relationship, they still proved that love can definitely conquer everything.

Recently, this old couple’s story made thousands of netizens pour buckets of tears because of their infinite love for each other. Their story will definitely leave you crying your hearts out.

The old woman decided to stay by his struggling husband’s side. Although their voices were very soft, it was quite obvious that both of them were expressing their love for each other. Even though he already was having difficulty in breathing, the old man still managed to respond to his doting wife. He even tried to caress her face as both of them became emotional.

The old woman took care of her husband and talked to him for a few more minutes. She even gave her a sweet peck on his cheeks which shows her deep affection and devotion. Although they have already spent years together, it seemed like both of them still misses each other based on their sweet actions.

Their relatives who were with them inside the room also got emotional with their touching moment. Despite the heartbreaking scene, it’s safe to say that the couple was thankful to have shared an amazing love through the years. Even though it seemed that his time might be approaching, we are sure that both of them have been contented with their life together.

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Source: FEEDYTV.