Exercising your brain everyday by completing puzzles, crosswords and other brain teasers is really the best way for you to feel more alert and definitely increases your concentration levels.

Our brains are made to be challenged, so why not make them work more.

Puzzles in particular are really fascinating, because they require you to work both your eyes and your brain. So the harder the challenge, the more focused you will be. And with me being me, I would like to challenge you to three of the most difficult brain teasers that I could find.

According to EG Mines, these puzzles can’t be taken easily as only a true genius is able to handle them. Let’s confirm if that’s true or not! Wishing you the best of luck, you probably need it!

For each picture, you have 10 seconds. Don’t cheat because results that take longer than 10 seconds are invalid!

For the first image, you have to find the odd looking speaker, you have 10 seconds and your time starts NOW!

Were you able to find it? If not, the solution is in the below image!

Now its time for the next one!

Try and find the odd sun emoji. You have ten seconds!

Let’s hope you managed to find it, the results are in the next image highlighted in red!

Now its time for the next one!

Try and find the odd clock

I found this one to be the most difficult, what about you?

The results are in the red circle below!

Did you manage to get at least one of these puzzles right? Remember, only a genius can get all three right so pat yourself in the back if you did well!

Source: Viralhatch