How deep is your love when it comes to experiments? When saying ‘experiments’ I’m not talking physics, nor chemistry. I am referring to you experimenting with your look, hair look to be more precise. It takes some guts even considering to change the way your hair looks, let it alone go for it. Some go with simply cutting it short, while some others are braver and choose their hair transformation to be a change in their color. I envy the last ones, honestly. I mean, I contemplated the decision to cut my hair short for a month, God knows how much it would take me to make up my mind to color it. Months, years? As I said, God knows also I am a Gemini, so that explains.

The hairstylist Cristina Vigna InWonderland with over 4K followers on Instagram does the magical hair color transformation. She is a hairdye lover, in love for colors, and is pixel addicted. According to the website, her boutique represents her way of working. “Essential, minimal, with a metropolitan and natural touch at the same time, sincere, light, without convolutions. According to those who enter here you can breathe harmony and you immediately feel at home.”

Two flamingos in your hair, not many have the skills to do this.

She definitely needs to go viral. This is some different kind of math!


Look at the mixing of the colors, mesmerizing!

This technique is out of the world!


I can’t imagine what talent it seeks to achieve something like this!

Take a look at the video:

Anyone searching for the latest and greatest hair color trend, your bold beauty cravings can be satiated by the pixelated hair!

Source: Metdaan.