Pageants has somehow become a vital part of every sort of celebration that is held in a locality.

May it be festivals or charter celebrations, a search for someone deserving of the title to represent their place is an event most residents look forward to. However, sometimes the being enthusiastic of the participants and the viewers can lead to something unexpected.

Just like what happened to this poor pageant contestant during her supposed crowning moment.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Pageanthology 101, seven equally gorgeous women are first seen standing on a stage. As it turns out, these women are vying to be crowned as the queen of their place

As seen in the video, the stage’s backdrop design was only a thin blue and yellow cloth which stretches from one pole to the other.

Moments later, after the host announced the name of the winner which was the girl wearing a yellow dress, her supporters failed to contain their excitement and delight that they immediately barged on stage to congratulate their favorite contestant.

As there were quite a lot of her supporters who went up on stage, something quite unexpected happened. Two of the supporters and the declared winner lost their balance and completely fell off the stage.

The video or the uploader did not give further details as to what happened to the people who fell from the stage. We just hope and pray that there is no serious injury that anyone might have suffered from as an effect of the accident.

See the full video here :

Source : Trendszilla