A devastated husband recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to talk to his wife who kicks him out their house without any reason.

According to Cresencio Aquino Jr., he could not fathom why his wife Maria Celeste Aquino a pediatrician by profession suddenly kicks her out of the house despite sacrificing for them. Apparently, he is currently a househusband who is doing all the household chores and looking after their kids while Celeste is working.

Cresencio also revealed that Celeste would often tell him that he has no right or any contribution to their house that was given and built by her parents.

He revealed that he is former seaman back in 2010, he has plans of going back on board but the pocket money amounting to $800 that he was able to save up was used and wasted by Celeste, he claims that the latter used in gambling in the casino.

Cresencio also said that Celeste complaint her at the barangay several times already. When the program contacted Barangay Pamplona Tres Secretary Meynard Luna, he confirmed that the couple already had a confrontation at the barangay office for three incidents.

First was back in March when Celeste seeks for a barangay protection order after Cresencio inflicted physical violence against her; Second was in May due to money issues, and the most recent one was this October when Celeste filed a blotted after Cresencio did another awful thing which he refused to mention.

Cresencio strongly denied the accusation that he inflicted physical cruelty to his wife and claims that Celeste was instructed by her lawyer to do that to have a strong complaint.

When Tulfo asked the barangay secretary if Celeste presented any medical certificate to prove that she was indeed physically ill-treated, Luna said that they will not give a BPO if there is no justification but could answer directly if there was a proof given.

Cresencio also revealed that the complaints against him were made strong even without further evidence since their barangay chairman was Celeste’s classmate before and that she has connections with a former Mayor in their place.

Because of this, Tulfo said that he will make sure to investigate the barangay officials in the place to see if they are doing injustice against Cresencio.

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Source: Pilipinoscoop