A former employee of a famous shawarma joint revealed the nasty secrets of the food business.

A man who will be called as alias Ronnie went to Ben Tulfo’s Bitag Kilos-Pronto to report about the problems with this specific branch of the famous shawarma stall, The Shawarma Shack, in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. They are known for their affordable promo of Buy 1 Take 1 shawarma for around P70-P80 only. The food business is also endorsed by the famous love team of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, also known as KathNiel.

According to alias Ronnie, they were removed from their job at the said food business. But prior to their termination, the company itself did not grant them any benefits nor incentives. They have no contract, SSS, nor PAG-IBIG. They also do not receive overtime pay and differential pay.

Ronnie brought some photos and video clips of the place where they make these shawarmas. One could see just how disgusting the food preparation is. The beef housed large flies, while the pita breads were all covered with molds. Even the factory itself is very unsanitary. The pots where the meat was prepared was just sitting on the floor. Ronnie said that the factory does not have any exhaust fans so some workers do not wear their tops even while handling the food items.

When Tulfo interviewed Ronnie in his studio, he posed the possibility that what was happening in the food factory might be caused by workers sabotaging the business due to their unjust compensation. But Ronnie said that the photos and the videos came from the franchise itself.

In one of the video clips, a person was seen pulling what seemed to be a piece of wet wipe from the shawarma sauce. But Ronnie said that it was actually a face mask, which is even more alarming.

Tulfo called Gary Domingo, the Chief of Quezon City Business Permit and Licensing Office to seek for assistance in sending the sanitation department to check the said business. Domingo said that they would immediately send people to check on it the next day. Tulfo requested that Ronnie’s identity would remain anonymous. Domingo assured that they would not drop any names upon inspecting the place.

Tulfo emphasized that their program does not intend to ruin any business’ reputation, but it is just fair for the consumers to know and be aware on things like this that may pose potential health risk to them. Tulfo encouraged the company of Shawarma Shack to contact their program to defend their side.

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Source: Manilaflash