A Minor Young Lady Was Rescued From A Man Double Her Age Who Manipulated Her. Watch It Here!

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While true love knows no boundaries, there are still legalities needed if one is to actually push through with their idea of true love. It’s not easy to push through with loving someone especially if you’re decades apart and the other half is still a minor. That does not only question the intention of the older party but also question the mental wellness of the person involved. We mean, let’s face it, no one should consider falling in love with a minor? That’s just outright insanity!

In a recent case that was solved by Raffy Tulfo in Action, the parties involved were set in an unbelievable setup. A child not yet of legal age eloped with a man double her age and that’s not all, the man even got her pregnant.

The child’s father decided to go to the Tulfo program to ask for help in retrieving his daughter. According to the father, the man brainwashed his child that’s why it doesn’t want to return to their home.

Raffy Tulfo who was not in the program that day, and was having a vacation in the States, called in through a phone patch, and decided to talk to the authorities involved. He asked the policemen what’s the reason why they’re not detaining the said man. He said that it’s an outright obstruction of justice. He also talked to the man involved, he said that the man should be ashamed of himself and should return the child to her parents. The man responded saying that he wanted to return the girl but it was the girl’s decision to stay with him.

Upon hearing this, Raffy decided to instruct the team to go to Urdaneta immediately and retrieve the girl.

When the team arrived, what ensued was a scene of pulling and grabbing. The girl was intent on staying with the old man, however, it is against the law and she’s obviously barred from thinking clearly. The next scene would be the man trying to pull away from the girl, while police officers were also involved in what seems to be a human tug-of-war.

In the end, the child was brought home with her father, while the man was sent behind bars to pay for what he did.

May this serve as a lesson to everyone, yes love can go against all odds, but it should not be without reason and proper understanding.

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Source : Celebmagazine