A day in a commuter’s life wouldn’t be complete without getting through the rush hour. During this time, everyone should be prepared to face the traffic, long queues, and packed public vehicles.

If you think that the MRT or PNR situation was worst already, then you have to see far worse commuting situation in another country.

In Bangladesh, riding trains was more difficult and challenging. A video online showed how passengers sat on the roof of a moving train. Some of them were even bravely standing without holding on to any safety gears. While others tightly held and positioned themselves on both sides of the train.

It was already packed inside and there was no more room for other passengers waiting outside. It seemed like that this scenario has always been happening in their country. With the way people calmly stood on top of the train, it was obvious how they were already used to it.

Since they couldn’t board inside the train, they climbed towards the top. Passengers who were settled on the top would extend their hands to help others struggling to go up.

We all know that it was hazardous to do such fearless act. These people had no choice but to risk their safety in order to get to their destinations. Most of them were probably workers who had to endure the ride so they could earn. Moreover, even women and children were not exempted to experience the one of a kind ride.

Apparently, the 166 million people of Bangladesh has the most crowded train in the world. No wonder people piled up on top of the train which was incapable of carrying all the commuters. We could only hope that their transportation system would be fixed soon.

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Source: Celebmagazine