Being able to experience the joy that a dog brings into your life is truly one of the greatest experience a human can have. That love and loyalty are so unconditional that you can’t even wrap your head around it.

It is never ending and even after they leave us we will always remember the joy they brought into our homes and the love and protection they gave to the whole family.

Our fur buddies are just the best thing that could have been given to us and people started a new tattoo trend where they tattoo the exact picture of their fur buddy’s paw print on their body.

It is not a new thing to tattoo paw prints on you, but these tattoos just make it extra special and personal.

Beautiful water colour tattoo.

Amazing how realistic this is.

Mixing colours to make it look the actual paw is a true art.

Big buddy and small buddy combo.

Just for Luna.

Just shows us how integrated we are in each other’s lives.

Love the little heart that was added.

Let’s walk a mile in their shoes.

Each paw print is unique in it’s own way.

He branded his paw mark on his mommy.

The face being added to the paw print just makes it so special.

These paw prints just look too real.

Here we have one matching the colours of the paw.

We love them to infinity and beyond.

The paint splash paw print.

Looks like it was copied and pasted, that is how good it is.

Paw print on the ankle.

Protecting his mommy from danger.

They will always stay in our hearts.

He also just wanted to take a look at the new cool tattoo.

A sprinkle of love.

Stunning print on the thigh.

It is amazing how the tattoo artist’s get it exactly right.

A stamp on the foot.

Yeah, see that? That is my print on mommy.

The letter B makes this tattoo more personal.

Oh he loves the new tattoo!

Mud prints all over his leg.

The colour brings the tattoos out more.

Side by side.

Ankle paw print.

Another one that looks copied and pasted.

He is more excited than his owner.

The things we will do for our fur buddies.

Just a little stamp to say I love you.

For dear Teddy.

Tank will be remembered forever.

Amazing 3D art.

See it matches!

The best colour tattoo I have ever seen.

The closer to the heart, the better.

Forearm realistic paw print.

I will always hold your hand.

Bits and pieces that make up one tattoo.

It is incredible how good these tattoos are.

Another print on the forearm.

For Igor.

Looks like the forearm tatoos are the most popular.

A little bit of colour has done nobody harm.

Source: Eyesonoz.