People have a misconception that it’s the camera that decides how much magic will go into a picture. Most of us feel reluctant to believe that it’s the photographer who has created the magic in the picture. So, what’s the secret behind such awe-inspiring photos? The camera? The photographer? Or Photoshop? To shed light on these speculations, a photographer shares the backstage of his photos. You will be taken aback when you see the place and the actual photo. Take your time and go through the images. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. For people who are a little weak in Spanish, “Lugar” means place and “foto” is a photo.

This Brazilian photographer named Gilmar Silva provided an answer to many of our questions by showing us backstage to his photos. It’s more than just a click. These backstages show us the amount of work that goes behind a single shot.

The photographer has placed the backstage shot and the actual image side by side for easy comparison. There is hell and heaven difference between the backstage and the end result. Hence, it’s not just a camera that does the work.

1. The transformation

2. Speechless

3. Still speechless

4. OMG!

5. This is surreal

6. I am quite worried about the traffic

7. Awesome

8. This is unreal

9. The backstage is just so ordinary

10. Such awesomeness

11. Oh, gawd!

12. I just can’t

13. Who knew

14. No one could have expected such a photo

15. Backstage vs actual photo

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