There are rules followed by every country, but North Korea has taken their rules to another level by making extremely weird. There are many unique rules that they have come up with and they make it sure that everyone follows them. This country has become really harsh in their rules and is quite mysterious to the world. Half of the population of North Korea lives in poverty. This photographer clicked pictures in North Korea where it is strictly prohibited and so he was banned. The tourists cannot even speak to the local people there.

Rock Bed

Can you imagine sleeping without a pillow? The thought itself makes us uncomfortable and this man is sleeping on the rocks. His back must be in so much pain. I feel pity for this man.

Poverty In North Korea

The autocratic ruler of North Korea makes weird rules that are outright crazy. These poor children were captured while going to get drinking water from the photographer who got banned after these pictures were revealed.


These children are starving but their smiling faces make it more pitiful. The world shouldn’t see what’s going on inside the country and that is why taking pictures are strictly prohibited.

Army Jobs

This is how the army men there help the locals travelers. This is not how the other countries, army men work. But we must say that they are quite united.

Dolphin Show

There is only one thing where you are allowed to take pictures of. And that happens only in the Dolphin show! But you can only capture the dolphin and not the audience. So, this picture was also against the rules.

Resting place

If people want to rest and don’t find a place, shelter they end up on the public benches. This mother-son duo is homeless and this picture was taken by the same photographer who got banned for the pictures he clicked.

Clothes are coverage

Children who are underweight are clothed fully so that the tourists cannot see what the countries children are going through!

Rivers in North Korea have secrets

This country is very secretive about everything and their rivers are no exception. This picture reveals that the people in North Korea use this river as a common bath. When this photographer clicked this picture he actually violated the law.

Source: Bloggersarena