Adam Treloar says he’s eyeing a return from injury in the first week of finals

INJURED Collingwood star Adam Treloar has set his sights on a return to action in the first week of finals — but says he has his long-term health at front of mind.
Treloar injured both hamstrings against Carlton in Round 14.

Prior to the injury, he had been in red-hot form, booting 11 goals in 13 games and averaging 31.1 disposals and five inside-50s per game.

Treloar said he’d had to dismiss original hopes of a Round 23 return, but now planned to return for finals.

“Me being really optimistic and thinking I was going to be back for the last game, I think that’s off the cards now,” he said on Fox Footy’s AFL Tonight.

“But in terms of my training and how I’m feeling, there’s no real restrictions on me I think.

“The only thing I can’t really do is the high end speed stuff.”

Treloar said he had to take a day-by-day approach to his rehabilitation, aware that pushing things too hard could lead to re-injuring his hamstring and affecting his preparation for 2019.

“I’m hoping that all goes well with the boys, we keep winning and playing good footy, that I can get back potentially for the first final. But I’ve just got to play it day by day,” he said.

“It really goes off how I’m feeling and how I’m pulling up post-running and post-training. At the moment it’s really a day by day thing, I see the doctor and the physios, I hound them, I absolutely hound them, trying to get back out there training and playing and what not.

“It’s about my long-term future, not just my short-term future and the risks of obviously redoing my hamstring again if I come back too early is there and I don’t want to do that because obviously I want to be fit and firing for next year as well as hopefully the end of this year.

“So I’ve got to take it day by day, tomorrow is a big running training session for me and I keep putting my best foot forward and keep being aggressive in my rehab and listening to all the right people, then I’ll know I’ll hopefully put myself in the frame to get back, hopefully for finals footy.”

Treloar said he could complete the majority of training in regards to kicking and running, but was only up to about 80 per cent of his top speed.

“It just really depends on how I’m going. Again, I stress, that it is a day by day thing. It’s seven weeks post surgery and the initial diagnosis was an 8-12 week chance of coming back to play,” he said.

“I’m not in full training yet but again I’m not restricted really with anything, I can kick, I can run, I can get up to probably 80 per cent of how quick I can go.

“It’s just that last bit where we’ve just got to break through and make sure I strengthen my hamstring enough to make sure it doesn’t re-rupture again and then having the chance of doing that then having to get the surgery is probably something a bit risky at the moment.

“But like I said, if I keep improving every running session, every time I go into the gym and do my rehab, then I give myself the best opportunity to return for the finals. And like I said, that goes if the boys keep going well, like we have been.

“So I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks and really attacking my rehab and I’m seeing how we go come finals time.”

Source : Foxsports