A barangay chairman is expected not just to make policies and projects for the betterment of the small community, they must make sure too that every one of his subordinates feel safe and secured, But what if it is the barangay chairman himself who has been causing trouble to innocent civilians?

A 16-year-old boy came to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to complain about Felipe “PJ” Falcon Jr., the barangay chairman of Barangay 350 in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Together with him is his father.

Based on the photos he showed to Tulfo, the boy was severely wounded on his head, face, and legs. He got these wounds after Falcon and other men ganged up on him and hurt him inside the barangay hall last Saturday.

The father and son narrated that the latter just visited his friend, who was apprehended by barangay officials, just to give his phone and when he was about to leave, Falcon and the other men went to him and hurt him.

When the news broke on the internet, Falcon started not to go to the barangay hall and face the media for the things he allegedly done to the kid.

The kid’s father also said the two policemen who responded to the incident did not really help but just told them to bring the kid the hospital, which really put the father in a negative emotion. He also said he wanted to retrieve CCTV footages to see if Falcon is really liable.

Raffy’s team called JB Estrella, kagawad of the barangay. JB denied that he was involved in the incident as he was in another place when the incident happened. Raffy then pressured him if giving them the CCTV tapes to assess what happened, in which Estrella initially refused but eventually accepted to show his cooperation.

Supt. Jules Domingo, commander of the Manila Police District 3, said they will look for Falcon. He also said they will look for the allegations the two made about the police offiers earlier. Domingo then said that he will conduct an investigation about this.

Martin Dino, undersecretary of Department of the Interior and Local Government, also said these barangay officials should be ready to face punishment if they will not cooperate in giving the CCTV footages.

Meanwhiile, Rachelle Sordan, secretary of the said barangay, vowed that they will help the father and son in pursuing the case. However, she denied that their current barangay chairman is hooked on illegal medicine.

However, when Raffy’s team called her, she was not answering her phone for two days.

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