Poor situation of old mother standing by her daughter who seems to wait for death makes many people break out into tears.

At the age of 85, while many people take a rest after many years working and are taken care of by their children, this old lady in the video hasn’t had any free days. That is the case of blind 85-year-old lady and her daughter at Long Ha commune, Phu Rieng district, Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam.

Ms. Ty (59 years old), her daughter, used to collect bottles to earn money to care for her mother who has been blind for 12 years. In addition to her blind disease, the old woman also suffers from aged diseases. Previously, the daughter was still healthy, so she could rely on her daughter. However, the ‘disaster’ came when her daughter knew she caught cancer. There wasn’t enough money to treat, so her disease became increasingly serious and the hospital had to took her home. Now, she is extremely thin and only staying in bed to wait for death.

The blind old mother have no one to help her, therefore every day she can only rely on herself and a little help from neighbors. She just has daily meal with rice. Witnessing the moment she eats rice, everyone can not hold the tears.

What makes people the most worried about is that if daughter leaves life, how will her mother’s life become?

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Source : Feedtv