– President Rodrigo Duterte criticized his celebrity critics, Agot Isidro and Jim Paredes

– The President commented on the viral video scandal of Paredes

– He also talked and joked about the private part of the OPM singer

President Rodrigo Duterte slammed his celebrity critics, actress Agot Isidro and OPM singer Jim Paredes, during his speech. KAMI learned that the President also criticized Paredes over his recent video scandal.

According to the video posted by the Philippine Information Agency, President Duterte talked about his critics during the campaign sortie of PDP-Laban in Negros Occidental.

“Sige man sila yaw yaw diyan sa extrajudicial killing, sila ni Paredes, sige attack sila sa akin. Corrupt daw ako, mamamatay tao daw ako. Ay, talaga. P*t*ng*n* mo sinabi ko na sa inyo, maghinto kayo diyan,” he said.

“Tapos itong Jim Paredes, immoral daw ako. Pinakita niya utin niya sa… T***** ang liit pa, ganon. Sa totoo lang,” he added.

“Kayabang-yabang… Malambot na, maiksi pa, gyud,” the President quipped.

You may watch his statement at the 1:14:00 mark of the video below:

In a report by KAMI earlier, Paredes admitted that it was him in the viral video scandal after claiming that it was “fake” at first.

“I can only surmise that in this ugly season of politics, muckrakers determined to neutralize my influence by violating my privacy and digging up dirt on me are at work,” he said.

“I made a mistake, I was irresponsible. And I am truly sorry,” Paredes added.

KAMI also reported before that the Philippine National Police (PNP) said that they are willing to help Paredes if ever he would want to conduct an investigation on how the video circulated online.

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Source: Kami