Creative life event announcements are very popular nowadays. From unique and creative wedding proposals and promposals, go above and beyond to celebrate important events in their lives. This of course, included pregnancy announcements. Kapuso actress, LJ Reyes created a creative game to tell his son, Aki Reyes, that there is a bun in her oven!

Through a game of yes or no, LJ announced that Aki is going to be a big brother soon. The actress uploaded the video on her YouTube channel for her fans to see. Aki’s reaction to the pleasant surprise was priceless.

In the video posted on Youtube, LJ asked a few questions to Aki that can only be answered by a yes or no. LJ provided papers for all the questions and possible answers. Aki answered yes on all questions except for one.

Do you want a new bestfriend?

LJ was surprised when Aki answered no. According to the boy, his best friends are his cousins. LJ asked him what he would do if he’ll have a baby sister or brother. It was evident from that point on that Aki was already smelling something fishy. All of a sudden LJ said:

Today you didn’t say hi to your brother or sister…

Aki, who was already suspicious, told his mom that he doesn’t have one. This is when LJ finally told him that she is pregnant. At first, Aki was in disbelief, LJ had to show him the sonogram which Aki thought was his. Soon enough, he finally believed the news and gave her mother a really tight hug.

Ethan Akio Reyes or Aki is LJ’s first born son with her former boyfriend, Paulo Avelino.

LJ’s long-term boyfriend Paolo Contis, excitedly announced that they will be having their first child together on his Instagram account. Paolo posted a photo of the sonogram with a caption:

YES WE ARE! God has blessed us with the perfect gift and we couldn’t be happier! We want to thank our families and friends who are as excited as we are.

Netizens congratulated Aki for being a big brother soon.

Watch video:

Source: PHIL NEWS.