A parent leaving their child, no matter the reason, is always one of the hardest things to witness; and videos like these have become more common in recent years.

According to the 2017 Survey on Overseas Filipinos by the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are around 2.3 million Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFW, from April to September 2017 alone. This is definitely a larger number compared to the same survey conducted in 2016; which is also in line with the trend showing an increasing number of OFWs every year.

Filipinos go out of the country for many reasons, but one of the most resounding motives being given is the search for a higher paying job to be able to provide a better life for their families. Because of this and all their resulting remittances, the OFW’s income has actually become one of the major factors affecting the country’s economy. OFWs have now become an asset to the country as well.

But despite all of the good things they bring to the country and to their families, OFWs also face one of the hardest decisions a family has to make: whether leaving the country for years at a time is worth the distance being created from their families.

Since most OFWs are parents seeking for a better life for their children, it is inevitable that they leave their children to other family members and relatives while they work abroad. These scenes are usually heartbreaking and; on the occasion that it is caught on camera, can become a real tear – jerker as well.

A recent video of an OFW father saying goodbye to his daughter in their home recently went viral showing just how intense these goodbyes can be. The daughter can be seen crying and hugging her father before he leaves while the father remained quiet, holding on tightly to his daughter, throughout the exchange.

“Para sa mga tatay na katulad ko na OFW. Ito yung pinakamasakit sa lahat, yung nagiimpake ka pa lang ng gamit mo. May umiiyak n sa tabi mo. Anak, lahat ng ito para sa inyo, para sa kinabukasan mo. Masakit mawalay sa inyo pero kailangan para mabigyan ko kayo ng magandang buhay. Alam ko na mahirap lumayo ulit sa inyo ,pero tiis lng at balang araw magkakasama tyo muli,” the Buhay OFW Pinoy Facebook page posted along with the video.

The 1 minute and 34 seconds video clip immediately went viral a few hours after posting and gained thousands of views and hundreds of shares. Many netizens were able to relate to what they saw and shared their thoughts and feelings in the comments section.

Huhuhu iyan ang inisip ko. Kapag ko umowe ang herap na iwaan ang Mag kid’s ko. Hu hu hu hu. Ang sakit isip kahit malayo pa ang pag uwe ko,” one netizen said.

“Wag sana mag ganyan anak ko pag uwi ko…sakit nyan,” another netizen said.

“Gnyn tlga kskit mlau s mga taong minmhal mo,” one user said.

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

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