So sad because of broken love, young girl locked herself in the room for 5 months. But what puzzled many was that the room was filled with garbage and smelling of her.

The challenge of somersault that makes the youth love despite its danger

Love yourself first, because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with

The portrait of a young woman cutting her hands and body to prove her love, blood flowing makes the room smelt

Love will bring young people happy moments of life. When no more love, every reasons will come out to break up. It can become a sharp weapon that hurts a person deeply.

There are people who are strong enough to overcome the pain to find a suitable relationship. There are also people who fall in love with the illusion of the past, feeling alone in the past and ignore advices of people around.

Love is very sweet but also bitter

The case of young girl lovelorn is causing the Chinese netizens recently is similar. Due to the inability to overcome feelings of suffering when ‘abandoned’ by her boyfriend, the girl has locked herself in her room, not moving, just eating only slight meal to meet the living needs, so the room flooded by rubbish.

Before that, the owner of the hostel felt strange to notice that the young woman rarely left the house and ordered delivery food, but the incident was only discovered after the nearby person found the strange smell from the room of young girl.

Noticing that something was wrong, they hurried to call the police to check. When the police arrive, unable to push the door to come in, they have to get a sweep, clean the way. And the scene inside the girl’s room really shocked them.

Because of lovelorn, this young girl decided to trap herself in the room full of rubbish for 5 months

A slim girl in a bed with hollow face, puffy eyes, messy hair, occasionally wipe her hands or wipe the phone. Around the girl is a mountain of moldy food boxes, toilet paper, dirty garbage… for a long time has stained impure. In the garbage dump, there is almost no floor left to set foot.

Surprisingly, the innkeeper and the police asked him to go and found out that the girl was being lovelorn by her boyfriend who had dated many years. Feeling miserable, embarrassed, unable to understand why she sacrificed so much and still be ‘thrown’ away, the girl only cried and locked in the room not do anything else.

After being advised by the police, the new girl’s mood seemed to be somewhat better. The enthusiastic police officers also help the room return to the status quo. However, the innkeeper just wanted her to leave at the moment because she did not want to see another horrible scene.

The story and images of the garbage room of the girl after sharing widely make most netizens can not believe. While many critics of the dirty lifestyle, lack of thinking young girl, there are a few sympathy with the mood of being abandoned girl’s lover.

Love and marriage are inherently the same. In order for a person to understand you, you need to have a long-term commitment and experience a lot of challenges.

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