FOOTY Show veteran Sam Newman has revealed the full extent of the bad blood between himself and a Channel 9 colleague Tony Jones.

Less than a week after Bombers legend Tim Watson suggested Newman clashed with Jones after last week’s show, the former Geelong star has opened up on why he continues to hold a grudge.

Jones — who hosts the Sunday Footy Show on Channel 9 — took over the reins from regular host Eddie McGuire last Wednesday night after State of Origin III.

While the program looked to go off without a hitch, Watson said there may have been more to the episode than meets the eye.

He was right. Newman told his own podcast Sam, Mike and Thomo with Mike Sheahan and Grant Thomas this week that he believed Jones acted “disingenuous” when stepping in as the host.

“I was disappointed with Tony Jones’ attitude about stepping in as the co-host,” Newman said.

“He was not generous and he was disingenuous with some of the things that were on the show.

“He tended to make it more about him than more about anyone else that was on the show to the chagrin of most of us.

“I thought he was better than that, he seemed to be rounding it up for his benefit.”

Newman also suggested Jones appeared to have designs on using his guest appearance to launch a grander role within Channel 9’s raft of sporting shows.

“(He was) either nervously trying too hard or acting like a job interview for bigger and better things,” Newman said.

He also said he and Jones haven’t spoken since the cameras stopped rolling on last week’s episode.

He also said he doesn’t plan on meeting with Jones and has no intention of trying to work out their differences.

“Tony would probably know I had that attitude. I left straight after the show,” he said.

“He would know that I was probably a bit ticked off at his attitude and the way he was handling things. I have not spoken to him, I have not brought it up with anyone.

“I don’t have any problem with him other than saying what I said about last Wednesday.”

Watson earlier this week said there may have been a “blow-up” between the pair after Newman was denied his request to show a certain video clip on the show.

“I don’t know whether anybody watched The Footy Show last week or not, but apparently Sam staged another silent sit in for the last half of the program because he was denied the opportunity to show some vision that he wanted to show,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

“Then he sat there quite unhappy about the situation for the rest of the program.

“Then he and Tony Jones might have had a bit of a blow up.”

Newman is no stranger to controversy, and last year stunned viewers and left his fellow panellists baffled during a bizarre appearance one Thursday night.

Newman refused to engage in conversation or bring his usual colourful edge to the program during an episode last July. Panellist Billy Brownless said at the time Newman wanted to do a “walk on” to start the show but producers decided against it. He also said meetings took place after the show about Newman’s behaviour.

It was later reported Newman wanted to walk on in a dress to poke fun at the sex scandal involving AFL staffers that rocked the league in 2017.

The trainwreck began from the opening moments of the show as Newman was introduced but sat down without saying a word. He was also captured raising his middle finger to a member of the audience.

Newman, meanwhile, remains out of contract with Channel 9 at the end of the year, but told The Herald Sun recently he is not worried about his uncertain future.

“My contract for Channel 9 is up at the end of the year so at some stage they will probably address it or they won’t,” Newman said.

“But no, not in talks at the moment. Channel 9 at some stage will speak to me about my future one way or the other, I presume. That’s how it normally works.”