Nowadays, when life is more modern, people need to use more computers, phones, ipad … gradually become habits that even children are affected.

It’s easy to see everywhere that a child is eating and playing the phone, so it’s so familiar to the extent that kids use them more than adults.

Science has just announced: Young children use the phone can easily get twelve kinds of cancer when they grow up

However, at first glance we do not know if it is beneficial or not but it is sure to form bad habits for children and when they are not equipped they will cry and refuse to eat again.

Possibility of getting 12 types of cancer when using technology equipment of children

The disadvantage of indulging children for using technology too early does not stop there, but there are many consequences that parents can not expect.

Recently, the World Cancer Research Fund International has based itself on 200,000 people worldwide and other data from more than 80 previous scientific studies have shown that “childhood associated with technical devices is related to breast cancer, prostate, colon, liver, kidney, pancreas … when they grow up.”

In addition, after the risk of these 12 types of cancer, the immediate consequence that everyone is clear is that younger eyesight decreases with the use of over-time allowed every day.

As evidenced in the past 50 years, the rate of childhood myopia from 7.2% has doubled to 16.4%, mostly due to the look at regular technology screens.

In addition, the study also found that children “passive consumption,” which means they only eat when using a technological device that does not move for food to be digested will endanger Obesity is soaring.

Once a child has become obese, the probability of becoming overweight is 5 times higher than parents know. And that’s why the killer named “cancer” can be found at any time.

Obesity is closely related to 12 types of cancer: stomach, mouth – throat, liver, ovary, bowel, gallbladder, kidney, esophagus, pancreas, uterus, breast and prostate.

With so many harmful effects, obesity is likely to become the leading cause of cancer, more dangerous than cigarettes.

Therefore, in order for your children not to become “victims” of cancer, parents should be sophisticated and rational in teaching children as well as strictly control the use of technology equipment. Do not let those unreasonable objects harm your child!

Source : Feedtv