It is probably every guy’s dream to be able to meet a girl whom they could share their feelings to. This is evident on how even guys are suckers to the idea of romance; of meeting their soulmate whom they will spend their life with.

It starts at an early part of our teenage years. Guys begin looking at women differently. They start developing crushes that sometimes lead to relationships. They also start thinking about being intimate with people of the opposite gender.

This is most common during school dances wherein guys mostly ask girls to go to a dance with them. Doing such can also be a symbol of two people being in a relationship, or at least dating. We don’t know what it is about dancing, but something about the idea of two people being physically close to each other, moving together as one, catches our interests.

The whole idea of romance is just wonderful to think about. And if a guy finds a girl who is expressive and outgoing, then most people could say that he is darn lucky. Just like a guy in this recent viral video.

In a video posted on Facebook by a page called Ta Conmadre, we see a footage of a guy seemingly having the time of his life as he lies on the back of a car. As he enjoyingly lies there, a pretty and alluring woman sensually dances over him.

Many people who have seen the video has probably felt extremely jealous of this guy. Let’s admit it, he’s in a really good position as not very many guys get to experience this in their life. Others even have to pay just to have a taste of what he was experience.

But a few more moments into the video and things take a different turn. The initially envy-worthy video suddenly turned into one that was super hilarious.

The girl seemed to want to level up the scene and tried to crawl upwards. Unfortunately, the guy loses his hold of the surface he is sitting on and starts slipping downward. He ends up almost falling to the ground, and the girl follows him shortly.

Quirky sound effects were even added to the video to make it even funnier. The two looked really embarrassed of what just happened and decided to just stop whatever they were previously doing.

Netizens had a good laugh about this video, as there probably is nothing more annoying than the feeling of almost having it but not quite getting there.

Watch video:

Source: socialdaily.