All abandoned dogs wonder when they will be saved from the animal shelter and finally feel love. When that day finally came for this sweet dog, and got to leave the shelter and go home with his new momma, he wanted to show her how appreciative he was. So he said ‘thank you’ in the most beautiful way.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would ever want to hurt a dog. They love us unconditionally, no matter what, which unfortunately makes them easy targets for terrible people. This sweet pup was discovered tied up to a chain, with nobody there to love him.

The adorable dog had likely been abused, so it would be understandable if he didn’t trust humans anymore. But in this dog’s case, that wasn’t the case. The little guy had so much love left to give and thankfully, a woman adopted him and brought him home with her.

On the way to his new home, the dog sat in the car next to his new momma and wanted to show her just how grateful he was. As he cuddled up to her and nuzzled his head into her arm, she sobbed with both sorrow and love.

The poor pup tried to comfort her, sensing her tears. The tears she shed were for the sadness this dog had endured and for the happiness that she knew he would finally feel now he was safe in her care. It’s hard to watch this video without getting a tear in your eye, yourself.

What is even more pure about this video is that the dog feels like it is his responsibility to make his new momma feel better. When actually it is now his turn to be the one taken care of.

Watch the touching video of the sweet dog below – make sure you have a box of tissues on hand. Share this beautiful video with your friends to raise awareness of adoption. There are so many animals without homes that need a loving family just as much as newborn puppies. We love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. 🐝

Source : Nbalovers