– Christine Silawan’s story has broken the hearts of many Filipinos

– Even President Rodrigo Duterte was emotionally affected by what happened to her

– He sent P20,000 to the grieving family of Christine

Christine Silawan’s story has emotionally affected Filipinos, including President Rodrigo Duterte.

We learned that the President donated P20,000 to Christine’s family.

His assistant in Visayas, Michael Dino, personally went to her wake to bring the money to her family, according to Superbalita Cebu.

Dino also decided to add P100,000 to the reward for finding the suspects.

Superbalita Cebu also shared photos of Dino’s visit to the Silawan family:

KAMI reported earlier that the doctor who examined Christine’s remains revealed that several internal organs were missing from her body.

The girl was found dead in Cebu with her face skinned off. Authorities are still looking for the suspect or suspects for the terrible crime.

Source: Kami.