Many people always have a pre-conceived notion that markets are nothing but a dirty, stinky, and mostly over-populated place where we often buy fresh cuts of meat, fresh-produced, and different marketing food products.

Some people’s definition of a market could go even further as utterly unsanitary. That is why some people prefer going to supermarkets and malls to buy their basic needs and food supply because they simply couldn’t handle the unpleasant ambiance of the wet market.

However, despite all the poor perception and reviews, many people still prefer going to local markets because most of the goods sold here are totally fresher. Aside from that, wet markets also offer cheaper prices than from the ones in the supermarkets and malls.

But in Bukidnon, there’s a certain wet market that will totally destroy all your pre-conceived notion about local markets here in the Philippines. In a Facebook post by Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman, he showed how this particular market in his place exudes sanitation and calm ambiance.

According to him, the said public place was the Maramag Public Market. A lot of netizens even dubbed it as the “Cleanest Wet Market in the Philippines.”

He even proudly stated that all the stalls and counter have fine granite on it. It also has a proper ventilation that’s why it doesn’t stinks and all of its sanitary toilets were groomed neatly and maintained properly.

Here are some of the netizens comments:

Source: Pixelated Planet