Paper flower is always easy to make. Simple but beautiful. With some paper flowers, you can make a dangling flowers. You can decorate your ceiling or any other home interiors. Today I will show you how to make simple hanging paper flower

Material require



Color pen



Needle and thread


Step 1: Cut paper 10x10cm sized

Step 2: Fold the paper into forth

Step 3: Draw the pattern of the petal on the folded paper, and cut

Step 4: Paint petal by color pen

Step 5: Fold the paper into forth again. Cut small petal

Step 6: Cut a line from border to middle of the paper. Twist petal to make flower

Step 7: Use a round object scuh as a pen or a skewer to roll the edge of the petals

Step 8: Thread the needle.  Tie a knot at the end of the thread. Thrust the needle into the middle of the flower. Do the same with the other flowers

And, tada, your hanging flower is ready