In order to entertain the audience, actors usually go the extra mile in portraying their role by doing things that a normal person would not do.

It ranges from fake slapping to crying on the cue of the director to actually doing some disgusting things like starving themselves or dancing in strip clubs.

With the technology right now, studios can now use CGI for their actors not to do some excruciating scenes anymore but some actors want to feel what their roles are experiencing.

One of those actresses is Kapuso actor and former child star Isabelle de Leon.

In her “Ask a Question” session in her Instagram account, the former My Guitar Princess star told her followers the hardest things she had done as an actress.

She listed four and this includes one incident of her going down in a pile of trash. Yes, she was willing to smell like garbage just for her role.

Isabelle also said that doing her first ever kissing scene, not sleeping for more than 28 hours, and crying on cue for more than 20 scenes are the hardest things she had done as an actress.

But despite all of these hard things she had done, she takes pride on her profession as an actress.

“Despite all that… I genuinely love being an actress. ‘Yun ang true love. Parang coffee. Tanggap mo ang tamis at ang pait,” she said.

A netizen also asked Isabelle in the “Ask a Question” session if her father is the Henyo Master and veteran comedian Joey de Leon.

Isabelle laughed off the confusion and clarified that she is not the daughter of the Eat Bulaga host.

“People ask me this a lot of @angpoetnyo is my dad. Haha, I wish. but no, he isn’t,” she said.

Kudos to Isabelle for taking extra miles just for her fans!