Thailand’s internet sensation, Sitang Buathong, has officially arrived in the Philippines! Filipino fans welcomed Mader Sitang as soon as she stepped on the arrival area of the airport. Even before she got a real good feel of the air of our country, she had already received the country’s hospitality.

On “Rated K’s” official Facebook page, they posted a video of Sitang at the arrival area with a bunch of people excited to see her. As big-hearted as she is, she immediately went to them and gave some of them a hug. She even allowed people to take photos with her.

At the airport, her fans began screaming “Sample! Sample! Sample!” On the spot, Sitang did her popular dance step that made her the internet sensation she is today.

The transgender comedienne had a scheduled meet and greet in Quezon City just hours after she landed. The woman in her 50s became very popular for her “head throw” dance steps.

But it was Mader Sitang’s benevolence that made her well-respected in the Philippines. Earlier, Filipinos discovered that she was among those who helped the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Sources say that during her stay in the country, she will also help the victims of the supertyphoon Ompong.

Mader Sitang’s schedule will be fully loaded this week. She is set to appear on weekend shows and will be featured on ABS-CBN’s “Rated K.”

In Thailand, she is one of the most respectable personalities, known as a woman who helps other people in need. Her profession is law and over the years, she was able to gain plenty of product endorsements.

Thanks to our Filipino spirit, Sitang will surely receive the best type of hospitality she could ever experience. I’m sure the moment of welcome at the airport would not be the last and so will her visit to the country.

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